Vietnam’s Central Highlands waterfalls

Dray Nur waterfall

For your interesting holiday in Vietnam, Krong Kmar, Bay Nhanh, Dray Nur and Dray Sap to name a few are charming and imposing waterfalls in the Central Highlands to explore. Indochina travel Vietnam

Dray Nur

Dray Nur waterfall

Dray Nur waterfall-source: Internet

Situated in Kuop Village, about 25km south of Buon Ma Thuot City, Dray Nur waterfall, which is 30m high and 250m long is the largest and most beautiful of the three waterfalls on the Serepok River. Looked from afar, Dray Nur offers a magnificent panoramic view. Dray Nur is renowned for for its incredible legends and its purity. In the local language, Dray Nur means Wife Waterfall or Female. As a local legend tells, when a lovely E De girl and her boyfriend were sitting on a big rock, appearing in a column of water, a monster drove the young man away. When the boy returned, he recognized that the monster had taken his girlfriend. The waterfall is the column of water where the monster appeared and the rocky bank beside the waterfall is the spot where the young couple sat. Travel to Vietnam

Dray Sap

Dray Sap Waterfalls

Dray Sap Waterfalls-source: Internet

Situated at Nam Ha Commune, Krong No District, Dak Nong Province, about 30km to South of Buon Ma Thuot Province, Dray Sap Waterfall on Serepok River is the most interesting waterfall in the highlands. Dray Sap Waterfall, which is located in a primary forest, is surrounded by many year-old and precious trees. From height, Dray Sap Waterfall flows down to a valley creating a huge of tiny droplets that look like smokes or fog so locals also name it Suong Khoi.

Krong Kmar

A corner of Krong Kmar waterfall

A corner of Krong Kmar waterfall-source: Internet

Krong Kmar Waterfall, which is about 3 km further from the center of Krong Bong district toward the direction of Chu Yan Sin Mountain range, is a charming attraction of Dak Lak. From the highest mountain top of the ceiling of Tay Nguyen – Chu Yang Sin Mountain range, Krong Kmar stream flows to the mountain bottom to create its poetic and wild landscape that stay forever in all travelers’ mind. Once coming to Krong Kmar waterfall, you will certainly get an amazing chance to soak your bodies in large bathing fields with the transparent, pure water where each stone can be showed clearly and to contemplate the exceptionally charming scenes that nature has rewarded human.

Bay Nhanh

Bay Nhanh waterfalls

Bay Nhanh waterfalls-source: Internet

Situated in N’Drech village, Ea Huar commune, Buon Don district, Dak Lak province (about 35km from Buon Ma Thuot City), Bay Nhanh waterfall is a beautiful landscape, such an amazing tourist destination in Dak Lak province. Flowing to this land, Seropok River meets a great whirlpool to separate into seven smaller rivers to go through some smaller rocks and create six small islets in the river. This is the reason why this waterfall is called Bay Nhanh (seven branches). Seen from the top, Bay Nhanh resembles a giant hand with seven fingers spreading in the vortex and the waterfall hedge, which is about 500m wide, is the wrist. Throughout the year, the water peacefully flows.

Here, you can see rows of old fig trees. A 200m long bamboo bridge snaking through the roots of old fig trees has been built by the Ban Don Ecology Tourist Limited Company for you to relax and enjoy a drink under the canopy of fig trees, which is surrounded by the murmur of the stream.

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