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Having the simple rail transport system together with a few lines making your trip much easier, travelling by train in Vietnam is thought to be a safe and comfortable way. Travelers can easily find most of the railway stations situated near the center of the city to take the convenient and time-saving transport. Moreover, you can also save the hotel room cost if enjoying the overnight rides. Travel Indochina Vietnam


SE train

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Trains in Vietnam are classified into: SE and TN. TN trains are slower and older trains while SE trains are the smartest and fastest ones.

Soft seat, hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper are the four main ticket classes. These classes are also divided into air-conditioned and non air-conditioned options. Now, you can only enjoy air-conditioned option on the much faster express trains. Though connection speeds, like Vietnamese trains, are not the quickest, wireless internet access in some SE trains now can help you be connected all the time. Although expecting plenty of cigarette smoke, hard-seat class is usually packed and tolerable for day travel.

Private Carriages



Tagged onto the back of trains, private carriages which are comfortable and even luxurious provide travelers with a classy way of travelling between Hanoi and Lao Cai. These travels offered by Victoria Hotels and Orient Express Trains are the most famous at reasonable price. Including Livitrans, there are more than six other options available for you to choose.

Livitrans together with several other companies also offers luxury carriages between Hanoi and Danang (US$85), Hanoi and Hue (US$75) while train connecting HCMC with Nha Trang offered by the Golden Trains will cost travelers from US$35 to US$43 for soft sleeper.


Vietnam Railway–source:

Rail transport in vietnam –source:

Depending on the speed of the train, the quality of the carriage, the ticket prices vary and of course, the fastest trains are more expensive. It is free for children under two age and for those between from two to nine years old will have to pay 50% of adult fare. On the Hanoi–Lao Cai route, you can find are no discounts. south Vietnam packages


If you want to buy in advance, you can book ticket in Vietnam Railways bookings site. It is also possible to use the travel agency Bao Lau, which has a useful website providing the details seat and the availability of the sleeper berth and especially accepts international cards, to book ticket online. E-tickets will be sent to you; per ticket, there is a 40,000VND commission.

Rail transport in vietnam

Rail transport in vietnam –source:

For long trips, you can reserve seats/berths 60 to 90 days in advance (fewer days for these shorter trips). Except during peak holiday times, most of the time you can book train tickets a day or two ahead without meeting any difficulties. It is wise to book sleeping berths a week or more before the date of departure.

While Bao Lau’s website is where you can find available schedules, fares, information and advance bookings, another dependable private booking agent that will deliver tickets to your hotel in Vietnam, free of charge (or for a small fee if sending them abroad) is Vietnam Impressive. You can also pay for a small commission to buy train tickets by using services of many travel agencies, hotels and cafes.

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