Top parks in Ho Chi Minh city you must visit

Dam Sen Cultural Park

The pace of life is increasingly busy urban, high-rise buildings, the bustling commercial area compete to grow. People are like the desire to look for the natural range of green, comfortable walking under the tropical palm trees. Here are top parks in Ho Chi Minh city you must visit. Indochina travel in Vietnam

  1. Dam Sen Cultural Park

3 Peace, Ward 3, District 11, a region with immense lakes, the area is about 52 hectares, bordering Lac Long 2 Military and Peace. Here, visitors have plenty of time to visit all possible new areas of the park 30.

Dam Sen Cultural Park

Dam Sen Cultural Park – source:

Recreation area with video games and theatrical fairy, fairy castles, sankhau squares, rockeries – aquarium, island dancing, the sea creatures, water puppets, nature bird garden, ancient temples Giac Vien, butterfly garden, nature, the adventure game … Campground is a vacant lot is reserved for guests wishing camping, lake area for many kinds of activities on the water such as fishing , canoeing, hydro quintal house, island dancing, teary

  1. Cultural Park in Ho Chi Minh City (Tao Dan)

With 90 503 m2 area, the cultural park is an ideal place for tourists in the country and abroad. It often takes place programs Ceremony – Tet – Ethnic Society like spring flowers Assembly, Assembly mighty temple, the cultural festival of the people of Vietnam… and also where excursions, rest, exercise sport, recreation of city residents with activities: theater, musical drums, which hosts performances of music program selection and quality of high artistic appeal and dragged Roll the public. Travel to Vietnam

Cultural Park in Ho Chi Minh City (Tao Dan)

Cultural Park in Ho Chi Minh City (Tao Dan) – source:

  1. Hoang Van Thu Park

Hoang Van Thu Park located in Phan Dinh Giot, Ward 10, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City with an area of ​​106.500m2. Referring to this park, one thinks immediately to its special shape. With the triangle pattern, the remaining two are Hoang Van Thu street and Tran Quoc Toan, park as a green oasis amidst sultry Saigon.

The symbol of Hoang Van Thu Park

The symbol of Hoang Van Thu Park – source:

Hoang Van Thu Park features a very poetic clues entrance as a vivid picture, beautiful. The two paths are the colorful flower beds, red, purple, orange, yellow, swaying in the wind as a call to those pedestrians. The next step in his nature paintings, visitors suddenly lost in an immense green space with a shady foliage sky. It is interesting to know how to look at the elderly Tai Chi instrument, the middle-aged uncles leisurely stroll on the paved road smoothness. Under some certain trees, there are young people immersed in the world of full of interesting sites.

  1. 30/4 Park

30/4 Park is named Southern Liberation Day. It gives the green space between the bustling Saigon and headquarters Independence connection with Notre Dame.

30/4 Park

30/4 Park – source:

This is where the focus of the people in the region, where the couple usually dating and also an interesting place to look at the life of the city.

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