Top interesting festivals you can discover in Danang, Vietnam

Whale Festival

Danang people, as well as visitors to the beautiful city on the Han River would love to participate in traditional festivities, this is a chance for everyone to meet and get together, pray together good weather, ancestors bless and best wishes sewing man. Da Nang is a lot like the Central coast region, but also brings a lot of features to make up your very own beauty to the region. There are some interesting festivals you can discover in Danang. Indochina travel Vietnam

  1. Whale Festival

Already many generations now, the Whale Festival (also known as Whale ceremony) is the largest festival of Danang fishmen. Whale worship here is not only as divine reverence, but also tied to the prosperity of the fishing village. ‘He’ is the call of the fishermen reverence for whales, fish often help them through accident when floating on the sea. Every time the whale has washed ashore in distress (fishermen called ‘Mr. implications’, the first detection will stand out as the firstborn, took on the task worry extort burial ‘He’ carefully. Every year, usually after Tet is finished, as people celebrated the whale integrated health form and Whale Festival for troops caught fish for men.

Whale Festival

Whale Festival – source:

This festival expressed desire peace in the lives of fishmen, people always have to face many uncertainties when floating on the sea. Centre Vietnam travel packages

  1. Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara) Festival

Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara) Festival is the festival held annually in Ngu Hanh Son, Danang. It was first held in 1960, the opening day Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue in Hoa Nghiem action of flame Thuy Son, Marble Mountains west. Two years later, the festival was held on the occasion of inauguration of the temple in action Quan Quan, where discovered a shaped stalactite she Buddha Avalokitesvara.

Avalokitesvara festival

Avalokitesvara festival – source:

Avalokitesvara festival is a prayer for prosperous country, for peace rain upon the wind; is an opportunity for everyone, gender harmony in a carnival atmosphere, reflect themselves in the nation’s cultural identity to date a better life.

  1. An Hai village festival

 An Hai village festival is held on an annual collection, lunar 10-8. After the opening ceremony of the festival visiting writer at home, people flocked to the river to see the performance, shaking basket – a sport with bold shades of living waters.

An Hai village festival

An Hai village festival – source:

An Hai village festival reminds people always boast of a past epiphany, though through many years, the name of the land – the name of the village is still echoing the glorious rays recovery not only of a city but also of an entire people.

You will find many things of Vietnam culture with these interesting festivals in Danang.

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