Top homestays in Dalat, Vietnam

Tre’s House

For many visitors, the trip is not only meant to visit, explore and learn, but also to their time looking for a quiet place, “escape” the noise, hustle of urban living those days are relaxed, calm one. In Dalat, you are not too difficult to choose a place just peaceful and beautiful  right in the city center.

  1. Tre’s House

Tre’s House is a different style. The small room is prettier. But in return, guests interested in gardening, farming can find her fairyland behind mini farm, with rows of green cabbage trees and grass, the yellow straw piled dust, creating an ideal background those who are passionate about photography. Also here, the evening, visitors can campfire, open outdoor barbecue and singing forget heaven and earth. Indochina travel Vietnam

Tre’s House

Tre’s House

The difference with other places is the old and quaint come from household items such as tables, cabinets, chairs, beds, all made of wood, bamboo and recycled furniture, is decorated like a work of art unique installation.

  1. To be House

To be House is to be the employer expects to bring guests a feeling of closeness, familiarity as returning to their own homes. The property has garden space to barbecue, a party throughout the night singing male, reading watching the moon. In addition, it also has the common room such as the living room with view to the garden, bookstore reading room with massive, self-cooking kitchen, cooking his favorite food. If you love plants and flowers, you can manually planting and care. Centre Vietnam tours packages

Colorful window of To be House

Colorful window of To be House – source:

There’s also a separate dorm room, there are 10 beds available and Statistics neatly decorated, bright, eye-catching. Beds, wardrobes, tables and chairs, furniture are very simple but bold vintage and art. You can enjoy taking pictures at every angle of the house, in the yard…

  1. Le Bleu

Le Bleu is a famous former homestay house in the heart of Hanoi ancient, once known many young people. In early March, the owners decided to rent the house construction in the city of Dalat dreams. 2-story log house halfway up the hill near the city center, the daytime sun, cold afternoon, the air around the romantic, clear and fresh.

Art corner of Le Bleu

Art corner of Le Bleu – source:

The house has wood on this plateau can be really welcome you. Come and play with le Bleu and feel our love themselves through the smallest detail, such as a door or curtain hanging chair or pastel paint such as flower pots planted in the plastic container, these are words to introduce myself why you can not love from the first sight. In the opening day, the homestay has preferential prices for the first guests.

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