Top art coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam

Oromia Coffee

A late afternoon in a quiet coffee shop, smelling the tea, coffee, warm and fragrant smell of bread and then immersed in the flow of music is something people still dream about when you want to escape the noise, Saigon’s busiest. Find these top art coffee shops in Saigon while you’re traveling here. Tours indochina in Vietnam

  1. Oromia Coffee

Oromia Coffee is secluded in a quiet alley from the noisy crowded Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, brings the space bar with coffee style luxury and romance, steeped in the details interspersed between classic and modern. The same open space, corner of Oromia Coffee is the place to indulge in soothing relaxation.

Oromia Coffee

Oromia Coffee – source:

 It has delicious drinks, beautifully made and very rich from all kinds of soda, coffee, blended, cocktail … Oromia Coffee is a destination not to be missed, a place to come in the pocket any time during the day. After the tense moments of the job, a space filled with light youthful Oromia Coffee helps bring laughter makes unionists meeting or event becomes more intimate and cozy. South Vietnam travel packages

  1. Fly cupcake garden

With vintage style, attracting the young Fly cupcake garden seek to immerse yourself in ancient times, quiet at the lovely cupcake. This coffee shop has a garden with a dome made from vines with benches for your group of 3 or higher, or wooden floor sitting cross-legged style. Majority of choice inside the shop because the cool air-conditioned, also enjoy the antique furniture and cabinets baby petite cupcakes.

Fly cupcake garden

Fly cupcake garden – source:

The food and drinks at the Fly cupcake garden mostly attract those young people are like Mocha Frappe, Latte Mattcha, Tuna Sandwich, Spaghetti Bolognese, … menu price ranges from 50,000VND to 100,000VND.

  1. The workshop cafe

Located in the beautiful, original heart of District 1, between Dong Khoi and Ngo Duc Ke, The workshop cafe while lying on the apartment floor, but just accidentally looked up front cafe area would certainly suggest even curious. To reach the restaurant you have to walk to climb 2 floors of apartment. Different from the old apartment degradation, The Workshop is art and more clean.

The workshop café

The workshop café – source:

View looking down the street watching the cars on the road through the city’s perennial is a plus point for it.

  1. Saigon oi

Saigon oi is not just one of those cafes with the best views walking Nguyen Hue Street, rustic beauty, generosity and making it become one of the favorite places of Saigon after only a short time went into operation. Your name will be written up on a pretty little table. Every time served, his name is called up, giving you the sense of belonging like to meet friends.

Saigon oi

Saigon oi – source:

Acre in the coffee shop is pretty small space above the old apartment building above the bookstore. Space gentle, delicate, airy reporters. Trees are also subtle dotted in space makes the guests feel more relaxed before the chaos of life. It also has a small angle to sell bottles, T-shirts and cups painted, baked according to your liking.

Enjoy these top art coffee shops in Saigon.

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