My Son – An example displaying the evolution in Vietnam culture

My Son displays the culture of Vietnam many years ago

Comprising more than seventy architectural works, My Son site was an imperial city during the time of Cham kingdom from the fourth to the twelfth century.

It is located in a small valley in Duy Tan Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province, and far 70 kilometers from the southest of Danang City and 40 kilometers from the Ancient Town of Hoi An. My Son originally is a group of several temples of Cham people, an imperial city displaying the evolution of the culture in Vietnam. It is also the evidence of Asian civilization that has been extinct. In December 1999, UNESCO recognized the complex of My Son Sanctuary as a World Heritage Site. Indochina tours in Vietnam

My Son displays the culture of Vietnam many years ago

My Son displays the culture of Vietnam many years ago – source:

During hundreds of centuries, this temple had more buidlings and stupas in various sizes and became one of the cultural vestiges of Champa civilization in Vietnam. Besides religious celebrations, My Son was also the center of cultural and religious place to bury kings and religious leaders.

It includes temples and towers connecting together with complicated brick designs and reflecting the divinity of the king.

To be listed as a World Heritage Site, My Son possesses two most criteria impressed. First, My Son Sanctuary is an exceptional sample of cultural interchange with the Hindu architecture of the Indian sub-continent into the Southeast Asia. Second, the Champa Kingdom was an important situation in the political and cultural history of the Southeast Asia, displaying by the damages of My Son.

Therefore, My Son is one of the most wonderful attractions in Vietnam to visit and discover the culture hundreds years ago. Vietnam travel tours

The history of My Son Site

It reflects its impressive architecture and style

It reflects its impressive architecture and style – Source:

Through several royal dynasties, My Son was proved as the most important location of Cham residents between the late fourteen to the fifth centuries. The Cham built Lip, an architectural complex to worship the Linga-Yoni, who represents the capability of intervention. Besides that, Kalan – the main tower possesses many sub-towers worshipping Genies or kings. Despite time and wars, the remains of sculptural and architectural remnants have still reflected the style, history and culture of Cham people. Their masterpieces marked incredible time for the culture of citizens and Southeast Asia as well.

The fact that each historical period has its own identity, each temple has its own architectural style and unique impression. The towers of Cham people comprises three parts, which are a solid tower base – the world of human beings, a mysterious tower body – the world of spirits and the last one is the tower in shape of a man offering flowers and fruits – this one is close to the spirits and human beings.

The architecture of My Son Site

My Son has brought distinctive architectural art of Cham towers as many researchers discovered many years ago. Among several architectural sites in My Son, a 24 meters high tower was found in Thap Chua area. It is a masterpiece of ancient Cham works. The tower has two front doors: in the east and in the west. Its system is paved pillars with 6 sub-towers surrounding the tower which looks like a lotus. On the top of the upper layer, the works was made from sandstone and it carved with elephant and lion designs. In addition, the lower layer has some walls displaying water evils and men riding elephants. Unfortunately, U.S bombs demolished this tower in 1969.

My Son is one of the most spectacular locations to enjoy the ancient culture of Vietnam

My Son is one of the most spectacular locations to enjoy the ancient culture of Vietnam – Source:

Although there were many spectacular monuments discovered by Cham people worship animals and artifacts of daily activities, My Son Site has still been the most one to display the typical sculptural works of the culture of the Cham. In addition, it is very vivid and maleficent to boast the traditional culture.

As a result, My Son is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in the center of Vietnam and enjoy the ancient culture with unique style.

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