Sapa Village Tourism

Sapa market


(Sapa Market – Vietnam tour packages)

Sapa market is located on the main square of the village and around the stairs. The typical market is vibrant and colorful with traditional costume of the Black Hmong, Red Dao, Black, Tay and other ethnic minorities.

This local market attracts most of the tribal groups in the region come to sell their farm produce, handicrafts and buy their supplies. The Black H’mong, the majority (two thirds of the population) are recognizable by their puttees that as gaiters to protect themselves.

Cat Cat village


(Cat Cat Village – Vietnam tour package)

Cat Cat village is the nearest village, about 3 km from Sapa town to the south. To reach here you can ride a motorbike or like most people take a trek to have the great view down the valley.

The Black Hmong living there in small house which made of Po Mu (Fokienia hodginsii) wood. Their houses usually lie in the middle of terraced fields surrounding by evergreen mountains embraced by masses of cloud. You will see men work with buffaloes on fields, women weave on loom, children smile and wave their hands whenever see strangers. It is really worth a visit.

Lao Chai and Ta Van village


(Lao Chai and Ta Van Village – Vietnam Tour packages)

About 15 km from the center of Sapa, Lao Chai village is inhabited by Giay ethnic group at the foot of the mountain, and the Hmong tribe in the hills. The landscape spreads over your foot with a splendid beauty.

Travelers can witness the daily life of villagers and scenes of life as children leaving school, playing or who join their parents in the fields.

A little further, Ta Van is a large village inhabited by Giay, Hmong and Red Dao minority. To get there, you can take a car but a trail up and down hill offer a superb and romantic route to hikers.

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