Sa pa – an ideal destination for backpackers to Viet Nam

Wonderful small town scenes observed from Ham Rong Moutain

Sa Pa is a highland town, a famous resort of Sa Pa district , Lao Cai province, Vietnam. Sapa is an ideal place in Northwest Vietnam  for travellers to come and enjoy uncharted nature with great historical and cultural recognition. It contains many hidden wonders of nature, natural landscape with mountain terrain of hills, green forests make up the picture layout harmony with the romantic scenery and attractive landscape area northwest sky. Sapa is one of greatest special choices for those heading for Indochina Area

Wonderful small town scenes observed from Ham Rong Moutain

Wonderful small town scenes observed from Ham Rong Moutain

1. Location and weather

   Sa Pa lies on a plane at an altitude of 1650 meters in 1500 and mountainside Suay Lo Tong. The top of this mountain can be seen in the southeast of Sa Pa, 2228 meters under estimation. Therefore, you can totally experience subtropical climate with cool air all year round. Especially, there are four seasons in one day: spring weather in the morning,  mild sunny and  balmy climate in the afternoon,  fall evening with clouds and cool-down feelings and the cold night of winter . The average air temperature in the Sa Pa is 15 ° C. In the summer, the town does not have to bear the harsh sun as coastal plains, between 13 ° C – 15 ° C at night and 20 ° C – 25 ° C during the day . Winter often shrouded haze and cold temperatures down to 0 ° C, sometimes snowy. Located  in northwestern of Vietnam, Sapa town is at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea ​​level and 376 km from Ha Noi . Amazingly, Sapa is one of the rare places in Vietnam appearing snow. In the winter when it is extremely cold, it may snow continuously within 14 hours as happened in the past

2. History

Let’s go back a little of Sapa’ history. The name is derived from the Sa Pa Mandarin. Mandarin pronunciation is “sand ” since there is a sandy beach where local residents often market. Sapa has got  two letters written in French that the ” Father Pa ” and a very long time then it uses ” Father Pa ” as Vietnamese word .But “Sapa” has been finally decided. Winter 1903 marks the birth of Sapa town while people conducted surveying mapping expedition of the Department of Indochina geographical landscape In 1905 the French had collected the first information about the geography, climate and vegetation starts Sa Pa is known for its cool air , fresh and beautiful scenery . In 1909 a sanatoria was built there. In 1917, a tourist office was established in Sa Pa and a year later, the French began construction of the first villas .The French had also built 300 cottages near Sa Pa

3. Places to go

Sapa is well known for “Love Market”, which is really attractive to all tourists coming to visit. In which, Ethnic Hmong residents get sound of flutes, reed, new leads, by word or song to find sexual encounters. You may totally enjoy romantic atmosphere covering the whole small town, get to know cultural beauty, and freely shopping with reasonable prices. In addition, it’s a must to visit Silver Falls – wonderful nature present and  Rattan Bridge – a historic ethnic monument. Sun Gate is the highest point road you can stand and see Phanxipang. Phanxipang with the height of 3.143m is really ideal for those who like mountain climbing and it’s also home to many rare animals and plants. Exploring Sapa, we cannot miss Ham Rong Moutain where there are a lot of colorful planting flowers with many types of orchids. Please take another look at Ancient Stone field in Muong Hoa valley carved 196 strange-shape stones of the ancient inhabitants thousands of years ago that many archaeologists haven’t yet decoded. The whole area was carved antique queuing national monuments.

We cannot refuse to mention large ranges of those beautiful villages here in Sapa, too .Cat Cat Village is the oldest of Mongolia preserved many traditional crafts such as cotton , linen, woven fabrics and crafted jewelry . Especially it still retains many unique customs that no longer exist in any other areas . Ta Phin Village owns great  natural landscape with national identity through dance festivals such as Chinese New Year of the Red Dao , eat vows ceremony, the celebration of the new nation ….

4. Cuisine

Special Cap Nach Meat should be tried on

Special Cap Nach Meat should be tried on

Sapa is recognized by tasty food like her months of jungle like Cap Nach Pig, Black Mushroom, Black Chicken… But without one thing will reduce Sapa taste: hunt ancohol. With a glass of Cat Cider wine at dinner will bring subtle feelings in each kind of food. As cool climate, Sapa is famous for fresh vegetables such as cauliflower , broccoli, carrots, chayote, cabbage cat…. ,too. Sapa is the kingdom of fruits such as cherries, purple plums, various fields of flowers, roses, pears, chrysanthemums… So let’s begin your journey to explore the land of dreaming Sapa town in which you have not known yet

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