Peace at Jun Village

Peace at Jun Village

Our stay at Jun Village on the banks of Lak Lake was a refreshing experience of a humble Montagnard village without the creature comforts of a city rat..

The homestay was organised thru the reception office for the Lak Resort, we simply turned up & requested the stay, the price was fixed at $8 USD per person per night (120,000 VND) but did not include any food. The resort also boasted its own traditional wooden Rong House on the lake shores for the same price but I suppose the lure of the village experience was the great unknown. Centre Vietnam tours

We were taken by motorbike a1km away to an Ede minority village called Jun Village & were introduced to the owner of the Rong house who was an elderly female matriarch smoking an old pipe. Her leathery dark skinned face seemed kind & unthreatening, no words were exchanged rather the customary smiles & bowing.

The old woman’s house was constructed mostly of wood & sat on raised floor. Half of the house was curtained off with a piece of material dividing the owner & her family from us. There were 3 thin mattresses for our pampered backs, thin pillows & mosquito net. It was no star treatment though we were grateful to be guests in this village.

Being in a rural settling without the usual spell of a TV occupying our attention we were left without much to do after the sun went down, so in such a situation we did the age-old obvious which is as common as civilisation itself, we tried to chat-up the local girls who laughed at our attempts & gossiped in their own language.

We were woken up before dawn by several resident roosters who crowed all morning for the dawn light to come. We were able to catch a glimpse of the still & silent village in darkness. We wandered around to several different lake shores & marvelled at the crispness of the mountain air & colours of the morning sky. We watched the sun rise from behind the Annamite Ranges with the lake at our feet, indeed such simple pleasures are easily rediscovered here.


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