New beaches in the South Vietnam you must to visit

Tan Thanh beach

No need to spend time moving too far away, you can discover so many exciting destinations in the South Vietnam, ideal for visits to “flee” on the weekends. There are new beaches in the South Vietnam you must to visit. Indochina travel Vietnam

  1. Tan Thanh, Tien Giang

Tan Thanh is located in Go Cong Dong district, My Tho city about 50 km to the east, along Highway 50. This is not an ideal bathing place by black sand slurry phase characteristics. But here, there are plenty of interesting things for the short day trips exploring.

Tan Thanh beach

Tan Thanh beach – source:

If you plan to swim here you probably will be disappointed, because the beach… blackened. But this really is one of the most beautiful black sand beaches of Vietnam. When you set foot in the sand, the sand layer will feel silky smooth as velvet, and so on go on forever to the sea unfurl unfurling silver wave.

  1. Phuoc Hai Beach, Vung Tau

Previously visitors to Vung Tau Capital familiar with the beach here, but now you have to add new choices in Phuoc Hai Beach (Dat Do district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau), where the beach still pristine space with a vast white sand, blue ocean restaurant and the beautiful rock magic. South Vietnam tours packages

Phuoc Hai beach

Phuoc Hai beach – source:

Both a vast space of Phuoc Hai sea under the trees appear green and the wind whispering suggestive sense of tranquility to the sea. Crystal-clear sea water here, looming on thin sand tiny little snail is crawling on sand calm, despite the abundance of waves just joking. You will be comfortable playing on a broad beach, with the slopes with romantic accents thanks to the rocks just above sea level, ocean waves welcome white foam.

  1. Long Son Island, Vung Tau

About 100 kilometers from Saigon, Long Son island commune is a city of Vung Tau, is a ecotourism interesting known in recent times. For many people, Longshan probably still is a rather strange name, but this place has been known as an oyster focus very quality, besides this land is also known for having a friend in the river villages if traveling here you can just enjoy delicious seafood just wind damage near the estuary, will be an interesting experience.

Long Son island

Long Son island – source:

In addition, Long Son island commune is also known by retained much natural beauty, the people here are quiet, hospitality, live mainly on seafaring, salt, seafood farming. After days of work and study stress, if you want to find a resting place not too crowded but it is a strange place for your ideals.

With these you love photography, this is the place to delight in composing shots according to his liking. Unspoiled scenery, the area is not limited to shooting, ideal for those who are passionate about shooting.

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