Mui Ne travel guide

Mui Ne travel guide

Being a kilometer-long sweeping bay boasting a huge range of resort and lovely guesthouse options, with the actual village set at the far northern end of the bay, Mui Ne is one of most prime slices of beach real state in the southern Vietnam.  south Vietnam travel tours

Mui Ne travel guide

Mui Ne travel guide-source :internet

While the southern stretch is better suited to deck-chair reclining, sun-baking and swimming, the central stretch of the beach through to the northern end is dominated by the fishing industry with a fair amount of refuse, dead fish, netting, other fishing paraphernalia and poorer quality, the beach itself is yellow sand with a semi-fine grain. Obviously the more deserted stretches are less kept than the bits of beach right out front of individual resorts.

Heavily influenced by its close proximity to Ho Chi Minh City, which is a mere four hours away, the services and accommodation scene here has quickly developed in recent years and now provide tourists with some outstanding mid-range resort selections, and there are still some get budget haunts worth seeking out while the options for budget travellers have dwindled somewhat.

Mui Ne is an ideal paradise for kitesurfers

Mui Ne is an ideal paradise for kitesurfers- source: internet

Bring your own gear if you are planning on spending a prolonged period of time doing either, as the prices are not cheap and the winds in Mui Ne, which is famous for its wind- and kite-surfing, in season, are as reliable as clockwork.

The sand dunes, which are away from the beach and of which there are three sets which can certainly be visited from Mui Ne, either dependently by jeep, by motorbike taxi, by motorbike or by bicycle are the key attraction of Mui Ne.

In the afternoon, when you can catch the incredible and particularly scenic sunset in the sublime light from above Mui Ne village with its bevy of fishing boats, is the best time to visit Mui Ne. north Vietnam travel packages

Mui Ne is a beautiful coastal town

Mui Ne is a beautiful coastal town- source: internet

The observers can easily catch the charming beauty of Mui Ne, which are the characteristics tending to draw a strong reaction in their eyes. Whether you love it or not, kitesurfers really love it.

Competing with the kitesurfing capital of Southeast Asia – Boracay in the Philippines, Mui Ne is also an ideal paradise for kitesurfers. Due to its consistent cross onshore winds, it draws wind sport worshippers all over the world. On average it has more than 200 days each year with strong winds of over 12 knots. The months from October to the end of March are the best time to enjoy and the period from December to January, when visitors can see a flurry of activity along the whole shoreline is the peak time. Beginners can get lessons at a stack of schools. Getting professional instruction of kitesurfing, which is an extreme sport at a reputable school, is the key.

Kitesurfing in Mui Ne

Kitesurfing in Mui Ne-source: internet

Is Mui Ne ideal for those who are not into strenuous activities? Mui Ne might be for you if your perfect holiday involves beachfront accommodation. Mui Ne makes itself outstanding from other beach cities as it is covered with beachfront properties, from some with a few petit rooms to mega-resorts. The down side is the fact that budget travelers have to manoeuvre to find a place as the water and sand are not easily accessible to the public.

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