Lon Cap Nach – A Sapa Specialty

Lon Cap Nach – A Sapa Specialty

In addition to beautiful natural landscapes, Sapa is also well known for its delicious specialties that vividly reflect ethnic people’s customs here. One of dishes that should be given a try is Lon cap nach (clamped-under-the-armpit pig).The name arises from the fact that pigs around 10kgs in weight are carried under the arm for sales at market.

Due to growing unbridled under severely cold weather all year round, pig’s meat here is much lean, solid and sweet, which makes the dish distinctive from other places.

Pigs are cleaned, spiced and grilled as a whole. It is common to enjoy this dish with Tao Meo wine. The clamped-under-the-armpit pig meat is worth a try when you pay a visit to Sapa townlet

The name is originated from the fact that each pig only weighs just around 10 kg, so people can tuck their pig under their arm.Eating this type of pig seems like kind of eating the wild boar without breaking the law, because they are unleashed into forests and self-feed.

The husbandry of “ Lon cap nach” stemmed from the old-fashioned breeding practice of ethic minorities such as: Dzao, Thai, Mong…. In order to have a herb of pig, all you must have is a couple of pigs and then just unleashed them into the forest near your house. They will chum up together , make shelters and find food in the forest. After breeding season of pigs, the sow will farrow up to ten of piglets which are just as small as toes.

During tough weather, they roam and forage from tree to tree and along mountainside for wild foods such as: rhizomes, roots, and leaves,… The new-born piglets can run and feed at once , they separate from their parents only in the firs few days after the birth. It is noticed that they only find foods in a certain woodland and not very far.

People can make beddings for their pigs under or behind their stilt house. Curious to see how mature they are, you have to go into the forest or look secretly when they are sleeping at night. It is easy to catch them. They only create a typical sounds to tantalize them and then they are in your hands.

The naturally maturation process results in full-flavored pork. After killed, cleaned and spiced, pork can be grilled, steamed, boiled, baked or stewed. When the meat “ hits your tongue”, you will feel an explosion with its crisp skin and then a tender, succulent and fatless layer of meat.

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