How to get to Hoian from Danang

Bridge Pagoda in Hoi an with unique architectural and historical values

Da Nang, the third largest city which is located in the central of Vietnam, is famous for its beautiful landscapes, beaches and bridges with unique designs. It is also well-known as a city of safety, cleanness, order and great beach resort which attract a lot of tourists from many countries in the world. It also has a convenient transportation system that can help you transfer easily to other reputable destinations such as Hue and Hoian. Indochina travel packages

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang with an extremely unique design

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang with an extremely unique design- Source:

Hoian is another tourist destination which is located along the banks of Thu Bon River in the central of our country. Its old – architectural lanes and houses are the main features that bring both domestic and foreign guests to come and visit the city.

Vibrant nightlife in Hoi An ancient town

Vibrant nightlife in Hoi An ancient town- Source:

The distance between Da Nang and Hoian is approximately 40km so it is quite fast for you to travel between the two places. Average time required for the route is about 30 to 40 minutes. Especially, along the road from Da Nang to Hoian, you can see many interesting things and attractive destination like Linh Ung pagoda (which is very famous for its architectural and artistic values), My Khe beach (an ideal beach with smooth sand), Marble mountain (where there are a lot of peaks, caves, tunnels, temples). To get to Hoian, there are until 4 options.

My Khe Beach with smooth sand

My Khe Beach with smooth sand- Source:

  1. By bus

Buses are often offered by many hotels in Hoi an. These buses will transfer you from Da nang International Airport to Hoian at a reasonal ticket price, 2 to 3 dollars. Each bus can carry 6 to 10 people so this will make you much more comfortable. Another choice is to take bus of the Sing Cafes, which also carries you to Hoian.

However, the cheapest bus is provided by the city Hoian. You can easily take this bus at Dien Bien Phu, Thanh Khe District, Danang. The bus departs from the station every hour and the price is just around 1 dollar for one way ticket. At this low price, you also have to accept that the quality is not really good, the bus is quite old and slower in comparison with the two kinds of buses mentioned above.

Buddha statue in Linh Ung temple

Buddha statue in Linh Ung temple- Source:

  1. By taxi

Travelling from Danang to Hoian by taxi seems to be one of the most convenient ways. It will bring you chances to enjoy beautiful views and landscapes along the road. However, the price is much more expensive, you should negotiate with the drivers before going to get the best price. Normally, the fare often ranges from 300,000VND to 400,000VND.

  1. By motorbike taxi

This mean of transport, which is also known as xe-om in Vietnamese, is among the most common methods to travel from place to place in Vietnam. The fare for travelling from Da nang to Hoian is 150,000 – 250,000VND/each, depending on your negotiation. If you want to ride by yourself to discovery all the corners of Hoian city, you can rent a mortobike within a day. South Vietnam packages

3. Private car

Bridge Pagoda in Hoi an with unique architectural and historical values

Bridge Pagoda in Hoi an with unique architectural and historical values- Source:

The final option is traveling by private car which will pick up and transfer you from airport or any hotel in Da nang directly to Hoian city and drop you off at anywhere you wish. The vehicles are modern and the drivers are friendly so you will have a very comfortable and convenient trip. The price for this convenience is about 25 US dollars.

Above is the information about 5 means of transport that are always available to help you travel Da nang to Hoian. Hopefully, this article would be beneficial for you to enjoy your wonderful trip in Da nang and Hoian, the two famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.

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