French Influences On Vietnamese food

Pate chaud

Delving into a wide variety of culinary choices and making it your mission to learn as much as possible about the ingredients used, and the origins of these, is one of the best ways to get to grips with the history of a place. To know more about Hanoi in the 20th century, let’s discover French influences on Vietnamese food. Holidays Indochina


Coffee in Hanoi

Coffee in Hanoi- source: internetCoffee has become one of the most integral parts of modern Vietnamese social culture since it was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the 1800s and coffee shops are nowadays a hub of social interaction for everyone from young socialites to businessmen. Growing an incredible amount of coffee beans, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world, mostly growing the coffee canephora species which makes the robusta coffee bean and amazingly rewards the drinkers with a delicious bitter chocolaty finish.

Vietnamese baguette

Vietnamese baguette

Vietnamese baguette- source: internetAs they are known to those outside of the country, Vietnamese baguettes or Banh mi are bursting with Asian flavors and cuisine. The availability of Vietnamese baguette, a delicacy from Vietnamese bakeries and street vendors makes it a regular food for not only Vietnamese but also for foreign tourists. In addition to the presence of grilled meat, pickled carrots, papaya and coriander, the use of rice flour to make the baguette not only gives the crust a thinner, crunchier texture but also makes it another lighter option to the heavier French loaf. These options that include either seitan or tofu are suitable for vegetarians.

Snail vermicelli soup

Bun oc

Bun oc- source: internetThis is nowhere near as popular as its Pho counterpart, a noodle soup dish containing vermicelli. Nevertheless for its use of the sea snail as an ingredient, probably one of the most renowned in traditional French cooking, this dish is well worth mentioning. Thanks to the use of snail here, this dish becomes a delicate and always carefully seasoned noodle soup.

Shaking beef

Shaking beef

Shaking beefCalled shaking beef or bo luc lac, this dish uses cubed beef that has been deliciously marinated before being cooked in a wok or skillet. The thick steak, which is a hearty meal making it very popular with all meat lovers. Shaking beef has become a regular at times of celebration even though it is not usually included in most Vietnamese home cooking. The method used during cooking of shaking the skillet back and forth thus searing the cubes of beef evenly is the origin of the name of the dish. Generally, it is served with rice, greens and onions. mango cruise mekong delta

Pate chaud

Pate chaud

Pate chaud- source: internetThe hot pie of pate chaud, which hails from Brittany, is made from savory puff pastry surrounding its juicy meat-based filling. Nowadays, this cake can be found with both beef and chicken fillings although the pie only contained pork during its initiation into Vietnamese society. However, a mini pork pate chaud cake from a bakery is the best and most original savory Franco-Vietnamese nibble. Rich in flavor, it is such a lightly textured treat. Normally, the pie contains mushrooms, onions and sometimes even extra depth with noodles.

Flan cake


Flan- source: internetQuite simple crème caramel, flan cake is served chilled with a caramel or coffee sauce poured over the soft caramel top, and by adding some coconut milk to the mixture when creating the custard base, the Vietnamese make it even tastier. This dessert, which is known by different names, bánh flan or kem flan in southern regions of the country and kem caramel or bánh caramel in northern parts of Vietnam, has become incredibly popular throughout Vietnam since its arrival here. The dessert bears a distinctive flavor with the adaptation of caramel sauce to black coffee besides adding coconut milk. The Green Tangerine in Hanoi, which serves bánh flan with lemongrass, is where you can find a nice variation of this dessert.

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