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Dishes you should not miss in the Flooding South

Vietnamese pancake and legumeVietnamese pancake and legume

The Mekong Delta – the rice bowl of Vietnam, is a landscape slashed with mighty waterways and carpeted in a dizzying variety of greens. It is a water world where houses, boats, restaurants and even peaceful markets float upon the innumerable rivers, streams and canals flowing through the region like arteries. In this land, the

How to get from Hue to Saigon

Bus from Hue to Saigon

Hue and Ho Chi Minh City should be on the list of destinations of anyone who is planning to travel from Northern to Southern Vietnam. But how can you get from Hue to Saigon? centre vietnam travel packages How far is it from Hue to Ho Chi Minh City The calculated flying distance between Hue, located

Delicious Dishes Must Try This Summer In Nha Trang

The delicious grilled beef marinated with unique spices

Famous for its beautiful beaches, you will enjoy the location as the blue sea, Nha Trang is also attracted by the delicious food that you have experienced. Delicious dishes must try this summer in Nha Trang will take you a quick tour to Nha Trang cuisine, make you fall in love with this beautiful city.

Vietnamese desserts to try in Saigon

Banh bo is served with coconut milk sauce

When your sweet tooth is begging to be satisfied, what to do in Saigon? Don’t just ignore your dessert cravings! Visiting Saigon means that you can go on the most exciting culinary adventure where you can indulge your inner child with the most stunning of all of Vietnamese desserts. Mainly made from rice, sugar cane

Different cuisines to enjoy in Ho Chi Minh City


It is likely that, on the surface, Ho Chi Minh City appears to be full to the brim with only with Vietnamese cuisine. But, delve a little deeper and you can definitely discover a smorgasbord of amazing delicacies with international influences. le cochinchine cruise Local cuisine It is certain that Ho Chi Minh City has a

Real taste of Vietnam

Pho Saigon

Not only geographical position, Vietnam’s cuisine also reflects this country’s contacts with other cultures over the centuries. In spite of many outside influences, Vietnamese cuisine has retained its distinctive characters. Thanks to a vast variety of fresh local ingredients, Vietnamese cuisine has formed its own flavors and nuances with amazingly contrasting colors and textures. Go

How to get Mai Chau from Hanoi

Tourists riding bike around the village

You want to get way from the noise of crowed cities? You want to be in peaceful mountainous villages fulfilled with friendly locals? Mai Chau is definitely a place for you! Located nearly 140km away from Hanoi, Mai Chau is well-known for its beautiful routes and picturesque scenes. Spending time in Mai Chau can actually

Vietnamese cuisine at Tet holiday

Banh Chung- the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine at Tet holiday

In Vietnam, Tet holiday is a special occasion when every member of family gather to wish for happiness, luck and health. Despite the development of economy and society, the change of lifestyle, Tet holiday still remains unchanged in the heart of Vietnamese people. Vietnamese cuisine at Tet holiday is always a beauty in traditional culture

French Influences On Vietnamese food

Pate chaud

Delving into a wide variety of culinary choices and making it your mission to learn as much as possible about the ingredients used, and the origins of these, is one of the best ways to get to grips with the history of a place. To know more about Hanoi in the 20th century, let’s discover

Moc Chau plateau in the wild cabbage flowers season

Picturesque scenery in wild cabbage flower season

Moc Chau Plateau, which is situated in Son La province, on a limestone plateau with an average altitude of 1000m over sea level, at a distance of 200 kilometers from the north-west of Hanoi, is very famous for its tea gardens, green pastures and dairy farms. Together with the main climate of the plateau, the