What to do in the far North Vietnam

Dong Van

Being home to many ethnic minorities, the Far North Vietnam that is off the beaten track attracts tourists for its spectacular and hilly scenery. Here, travelers can see the women wear brilliantly colored skirts, tops and hats, with each ethnic group specialize in its own color variety and pattern. Indochina tours in Vietnam

  1. Discover the most spectacular scenery in Vietnam

The natural landscape of this region is wild, impressive and dreamlike. If you are lucky, you can admire these sceneries at its most magnificent times!

Dong Van

Dong Van – source: hanhtrinhdulichviet.com

Pha Din, Khau Pha Ma Pi Leng and O Quy Ho which are famous for their imposing landscape and mind-blowing beauty are the four greatest mountain passes you should explore. Ma Pi Leng, whose peak, looking down to Nho Que River, provides one of the most spectacular views in Vietnam is a 20 kilometer pass connecting Dong Van and Meo Vac (Ha Giang). Quy Ho also known as Hoang Lien pass or “Cloud pass” because of the clouds-covered peak all year around. With a 50-kilometer length, it is thought that this pass is the king of all passes, where paradise meets the earth. Situated in an area having adorable scenes in the Far North including Mu Cang Chai (rice field terrace) and the lively Tu Le (a river amongst the mountains), Khau Pha is one of the most stiff peaks in Vietnam. North Vietnam travel packages

Terrace rice fields are one of the most splendid sceneries you should not miss in the Far North. The breathtaking beauty of golden rice paddles mixed in lush green mountains in September cannot describe by any words. Mu Cang Chai and Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang province) which are the areas for the terrace rice fields are two of the most stunning areas that you should not miss. If you do not have much time, Sapa, which is considered as one of the top rice terrace fields in the world, is the most ideal to visit.

  1. Go to a hill tribe minority market
Hill tribe minority market

Hill tribe minority market – source: mydestination.com

Visiting an ethnic hill tribe market which is often held on weekends or together with a special local calendar will be one of your most fascinating experiences. The markets here are not similar to those in the other regions of the country which are only for trading, here, they also serve as a special occasion for the villagers to gather together and enjoy funny time. You will own a party for all of your senses in the mass of colorful and beautiful dresses from various hill tribes including Hmong, Nung, Dao and Te La Chi hill tribes. Among the most popular and biggest, Bac Ha, Lung Phin and Dong Van markets are definitely what you want to visit. While Lung Phin is famous for Shan Tuyet tea, one of the finest teas in Vietnam, Bac Ha is well known for trading horse opportunity together with the largest market of its kind.

  1. Enjoy the local specialties
Local specialty

Local specialty – source: travel.vzn.vn

Here, in this land, natural resources are not plentiful. Many minority locals here still eat one kind of vegetable with plain rice every single day for all meals of the whole year. They can only eat meat during Tet – the traditional New Year – or on special occasion to celebrate. It is hurting to witness. But in a way, the sterility of resources has its own superiority. The locals just try their best to find out incredible ways to prepare for their dishes. Moreover, the pure air and high latitude cooperate to bring an amazing taste to the food here. Pickled bamboo, egg omelets, steamed chicken and roasted pork in this area are must tried dishes.

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