Family tours in Sapa

Discover ethnic minority’s culture

Being home to a great variety of ethnic minority people as well as a quiet mountain town, Sapa mountainous areas which will offer you spectacular sceneries, a good number of tourist attractions, are what you should not miss if your family is planning a trip to Vietnam. South Vietnam tour

Family tour in Sapa

Family tour in Sapa- source: internet

As the vast majority of the land is mountainous, most of the ethnic minority people work their land on sloping terraces. In large part, the scenery of Sapa region, especially in the paddy fields carpeting the rolling lower slopes of the mountains, reflects the relationship between the nature and minority people that you cannot find in other parts of your family tours in Vietnam. The striking physical landscape which underlies this has resulted from the influence of many elements for more than thousands of years, fading out the underlying rock. A great chance to explore and learn more about the simple daily life of local ethnic minorities in Sapa will certainly attract your kids and your family will surely have an unforgettable time in Vietnam.

However, it should be well planned to make your family tour in Vietnam most comfortable for your kids as well as memorable for your whole family.


Express bus to Sapa

Express bus to Sapa- source: internet

For your family tour in Vietnam, you can choose one of 3 different ways to go from Hanoi to Sapa including: night train, express bus or private car/van. As you small kids at around 01 – 12 year old can sleep well on train with wooden and air-conditioned cabin of soft sleeper, the night trains which take you around 10 hours, are very suitable for your family tour in Vietnam. So, it is easy for you to join Sapa tours without tiredness. Whereas, since you can admire the magnificent landscape on both sides of the road, private cars/vans, which take you around 6 hours, are highly recommended for your interesting Vietnam family tour with teenagers. Or express buses, which are all high-class bus, with English speaking servants, are also good options if you have a low budget.


Home-stay in Sapa

Home-stay in Sapa- source: internet

Ranging from home-stay, standard hotels to luxury ones, accommodations in Sapa are various. Choosing hotels with central location which have connecting rooms/family rooms in order that you can best look after your kids all the time is the most important thing. Especially, it may be much better for your kids from December to February – the coldest time of the year during family tours in Vietnam as only some hotels in Sapa are fully equipped with heater air-conditioners. North Vietnam packages

Trekking time

Depending on the ages of your kids, Sapa trekking tours to remote villages should be well organized. For kids from 6-10 year old, the trekking time should be 3-4 hours per day, whereas, trekking time for kids from 1 – 5 years old can be shorter with 2 hours only per day.


Discover ethnic minority’s culture

Discover ethnic minority’s culture- source: Internet

March, April, May, September, October and November, whose weather are relatively stable with warm daylight and cool nights, making it the perfect time for trekking and photo opportunities, are the best months for Vietnam family tour to Sapa. September and October are the time when the view of rice terraces is at its best. If you want to see the awesome scenes of many green fields and colorful flowers, April and May are the time to go. Whereas for those who want to have a great chance to admire the spectacular sunrise over the valley in the morning, December to February is the best option.

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