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Wonderful scene of Ngu Hanh Son, Danang

Deffirent from the two deltas in Vietnam, two accreted capital from a major river axis with the close connection of tributaries, the central coastal region where the subject is strongly dissected by the terrain, forming sub-regions, limited by the mountain range from the Annamite mountains in the west to reach out to the sea. The rivers in the region are short and steep, which flows east – west to the sea, small basins, estuaries usually dominated by sand dunes stretching along the coast. So in the whole region has no direct links with the network of waterways in the delta as the North and South. With design features such terrain, the cultural space of the Central Coast region often include cultural space where both islands, coastal culture, rural culture and cultural Plain mountains – midlands. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Map of the central Vietnam

Map of the central Vietnam – source: Wikipedia.com

  1. Top attractions

Central Coast area now has a coastline of about 1,161 km, with numerous bays and beautiful beaches attract visitors at home and abroad such as Thuan An, Canh Duong Lang Co (Thua Thien Hue); Xuan Thieu, My Khe, Non Nuoc (Da Nang); Cua Dai and Tam Thanh (Quang Nam); My Khe, Sa Huynh (Quang Ngai); Quy Nhon, Hoang Hau (Binh Dinh); Tuy Hoa, Bai Mon – Mui Dien (Phu Yen); Nha Trang, Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa)… Centre Vietnam tours

Sa Huynh beach, Quang Ngai

Sa Huynh beach, Quang Ngai – source: baomoi.com

Besides, the Central Coast many beautiful natural scenery, the natural goal by cleverly creating an area famous, such as Perfume River, Ngu Binh, Thien Thai, Bach Ma, Hai Van, Lang Co, Canh Duong, Thuy Van (Hue); Ba Na, Son Tra, Hai Van, Ngu Hanh Son (Da Nang); Cham, Phu Ninh Lake, Suoi Tien, muzzle Ban Than (Quang Nam); Listed Thien Ha, Co Luy She village, Ly Son (Quang Ngai); Phuong Mai Peninsula, Queen’s Beach, the Fairy Stream, Ham Ho scenic, Lake Mountain One, The Bracelets (Binh Dinh); Dam Cu Mong, Xuan Dai Bay, Da Dia Reef, Bai Bang, Bai Goc, Mon Beach – Dien Cape and Vung Ro (Phu Yen); Hon Chong – Hon Do, Dai Lanh (Khanh Hoa)… all blend together to form a picture of harmony between man and hand of the Creator.

Wonderful scene of Ngu Hanh Son, Danang

Wonderful scene of Ngu Hanh Son, Danang – source: vnexpress.net

  1. Intangible cultural

Central Cultural vividly expressed in terms of objects as described above. Besides, the imprint of the intangible cultural potential is always in the mind of every man, firstly to mention the phenomenon of religion, customs and festivals.

Hat Boi, Binh Dinh

Hat Boi, Binh Dinh – source: binhdinhthongtin.com.vn

  1. Festival

The festival is a long-standing cultural activities, charismatic all classes of people and has become a need for spiritual activities indispensable of our people for centuries. Experiencing the course of history, the festival has formed the basic characteristics, confirmed the values of culture, humanism human, human direction reaching dreams, good things… and contribute build thoughts, good feelings in ethnic communities.

Thien Hau ceremony, Quang Nam

Thien Hau ceremony, Quang Nam – source: dantri.com

Today, on the central coastal strip, in any regions which also has the traditional festival activities quite bold, such as racing boat / ship, Sinh village wrestling, fishing festivals, festivals Hon Chen, Quan ceremony via… (Hue); Phong Le Festival Section Council, fishing festivals, festivals… (Da Nang); Ba Thu Bon Festival, festival for fishermen, Thien Hau ceremony via… (Quang Nam); racing boats, so ceremony Khao margin Paracel soldiers, fishermen ceremony… (Quang Ngai); festival for fishermen (Phu Yen); Nha Trang Thap Ba festival, festival for fishermen… (Khanh Hoa). Through a number of festival shows, most of the festival activities associated with the religious life of the inhabitants of the river.

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