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Vietnam is a popular expat destination

If you want to experience a true taste of life in the East, living in Vietnam is well worth considering. Although being a poor country associated with a punishing centrally planned economy, Vietnam nowadays has quickly developed as a favorite tourist destination and its peaceful picturesque countryside and spectacular beaches are becoming as much famous as its tumultuous past. Indochina Tours Vietnam

Although being a relatively petit country, Vietnam, which covers a total area of about 329,500 square kilometers, is where 54 different ethnic groups live harmoniously. Of these, the Kinh (Viet) people accounting for about 86% of the total population, is the most significant group. Vietnam has 58 provinces with 5 centrally-controlled city councils staying at the same level as provinces including: Ho Chi Minh City, the capital city Hanoi, Hai Phong and Can Tho.

Vietnam has been an ideal destination for expats

Vietnam is a popular expat destination

Vietnam is a popular expat destination – source:

In recent years, Vietnam which has increasingly become a popular spot for expats is nowadays ranked as a safe destination where foreigners can feel comfortable to live and work. Vietnam attracts expats for the beautiful weather, reasonable cost of living, stunning culture and the big improvements in its infrastructure. In spite of the advantages, when living in Vietnam, expats still suffer some issues on a regular basis. Among them, the pollution is on the top list and it is not strange to see Vietnam’s locals and expats alike, wearing masks in order to prevent themselves from the insufflation of dirty fumes. The traffic conditions are another problem. In Vietnam, the streets are regularly overloaded with high volumes of vehicles and it has had one of the highest road fatal accident rates in the entire world. Travel to Vietnam

Cost of Living in Vietnam

Having a relatively low cost of living, Vietnam offers expatriates a very convenient life with an ordinary disbursementthat they cannot do at their hometown. In Vietnam, expats can find a wide range of accommodation available to be suitable to all budgets, from first-class apartments in large cities to the petit but lovely houses in the suburbs.

Vietnamese food’s price is different from that of Western food

Vietnamese food’s price is different from that of Western food – source:

In Vietnam, you can also witness a significant difference between the price of Vietnamese traditional food and that of western food. If you are preparing to eat at the local bars and food stalls, you will find that it is possible to eat good food out at a very reasonable price. However, many western bars and restaurants are much more expensive. Like many other Asian countries, in Vietnam, wine is much more expensive than local beers.

Job opportunities for expats staying in Vietnam

Teaching jobs for expats in Vietnam

Teaching jobs for expats in Vietnam – source:

It may be scarce but not completely impossible for expats living in Vietnam looking for work opportunities to secure suitable work. Fields related to not-for-profit international development are the most prosperous work with growing opportunities. You can find online details about work opportunities in the region, nevertheless, these jobs in these fields generally demand people who have former experience in this kind of work. Besides NGO work, teaching jobs and computer related skills are also in demand and available throughout the region.

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