Enjoy millet cake in Hanoi

Millet cake contains a cultural feature

In the economy integration era, all normal dishes need a distinguished trademark or at least a typical geographical guide in order to attract customers. In other words, to make a strong impression on customers, a dish should be enclosed with name of a certain place or person. However, there is a kind of simple food called millet cake (banh da ke) although whose name is not attached with any brand name, it wins Hanoians’heart. Paradise cruises halong

Millet cake vendor

Millet cake vendor -source: internet

Vietnamese consider millet cake as a snack in leisure time. The cook has to carefully sift tiny millets, suck them into lime water and boil them until them become solid. And finally, the millet cake served to customers is those spread on a piece of grilled pan cake called banh da, whose size depends on the amount of how much millet cake customers want to get. Covering the millet layer is a layer of spoilt, brayed smoothly and fisted tightly green bean. Under the knife of the vendor, thin yellowish green bean slices fall loosely. Finally, sugar is the top thin layer.

Enjoy millet cake in Hanoi

Enjoy millet cake in Hanoi -source: internet

To fold the finished millet cake, the vendor uses the back of knife blade. It is highly recommended to enjoy this “special sandwich” immediately after it is made as after some minutes this food is not crispy any more. Millet may not attractive but it is the smell of the cracker and mung bean that invites you for a bite now. With just one bite, you can definitely feel a funny sound of the crunched sugar and cracked piece of pancake in your mouth. The fragrance of pancake and green bean with the sweetness of sugar somewhat makes a perfect yet strange taste.

Banh da ke is roadside food

Banh da ke is roadside food -source: internet

A millet cake will be in your stomach in a twinkling of the eye. Even desiring to have some more, you have no choice but lick your lips and wait until the vendor comes back next time as banh da ke is roadside food, it is not sold at any fixed restaurant or food stall or restaurant. After getting small money change, the vendor will keep on moving to other street corners. mekong river cruise luxury

Simple yet awesome, millet cake makes anyone crave for in such a modest way. Actually, this cake should be called “sugar green bean millet cake” but like close friends often call each other by nickname without the full name, Vietnamese prefer the brief name “millet cake”.

Banh da ke to Hanoians

Millet cake contains a cultural feature

Millet cake contains a cultural feature -source: internet

Simple as it is, this dish contains a cultural feature attached to many generations of Hanoians’s memorable childhood. In the soul of each Hanoian, the image of the street vendor selling Banh da ke on the bicycle in small valleys has made a really strong imprint. With only a pot of ke in the rear with sugar and green bean and a bag of crispy baked rice paper in front, the seller will go through every Hanoi’s street.

In the past, the price for a piece of banh da ke was VND 2,000-3,000, nowadays, it has slightly increased even though its favor will never change. Now, the sellers of this dish are not as much as in the past as banh da ke is not as attractive as other foods in Hanoi. However, anytime meeting a Banh da ke seller, Hanoians will buy it at any price. Sometimes, Banh da ke’s special flavor comes from the simpleness of the ingredients which recalls their childhood memories.

Where to eat

Where to find millet cake

Where to find millet cake -source: internet

This dish is often found in the autumn. Although you may not find any specific address for banh da ke, you can find it at Kim Lien High school, Dong Tac market or go along Hang Bong Street in Old Quarter.

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