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Ant egg cake

Cao Bang has culinary characteristics of ethnic Tay, Nung. The dish called exotic materials processing of forest from both intrigue has brought special pleasure to enjoy. If you have a plan to travel to Cao Bang, Vietnam, don’t forget trying top foods in Cao Bang to have a wonderful trip. Tours Indochina Vietnam

  1. Ant egg cake

Between April and May, Tay ethnic in Cao Bang, Vietnam go to into the woods together to looking for black ant eggs to make Ant egg cake (Tay language called Peng insects). It is made from glutinous flour, ant eggs and young leaves of the fig trees. Black ant eggs in Cao Bang is fat and high protein.

Ant egg cake

Ant egg cake – source:

Glutinous rice is mixed with a little rice to make plastic powder. Very finely milled flour, add chopped island country moderate with moderate softness. Then they wash off fig leaf and spread powder on it with a moderate thickness. Ant eggs are brought non lard until fragrant, add shallot and sprinkled little leaf powder and leaf folded double battle back then brought into the steam tray. Once cooked and cooled and then brought out the scissors sliced moderately square.  This is one of the culinary culture which carries cultural values of the Tay ethnic in Cao Bang. Vietnam travel packages

  1. Cake Pan

Cake flour sautéed duck’s sticky and every dish is popular when the weather turned cold highlands. You will seat  around the charcoal fire, just hissing huddled, looking chef drop each cake molded into new oil pan of boiling, lightly puffed see them, hear hissing and smelling will hardly stop illustrious reflexes Body swallow “Memory” one. When cooked golden, will be picked out for oil drain and then served with a sweet and sour sauce, green papaya and a few stalks only non state water mint scented green.

Cake pan

Cake pan – source:

Small cake pan is just two pieces of all, people who can barely fit in the stomach diners, keep it hot like to dispel the skin cut in the highlands. Pan Cake flour crispy outside but still worn around the inner folds charming thanks spiced meat. These served as raw herbs, papaya soothing feeling on the first day of the cake, and fish sauce to increase the taste for snacks but can do no heart this person.

  1. Khao cake

Upon spring time, and eagerly preparing cuisines of ethnic, grocery shopping for Tet, the Cao Bang people still hustling prepared Khao cake – traditional cakes are not lacking on the altar of ancestors. Khao cake is essentially a dry food stuff of the Tay, Nung, take to eat a whole month is not musty. With Tet customs in the first month of spring, then as long as the remaining Khao cake, it remains Tet.

Khao cake

Khao cake – source:

Hope you enjoy with top foods in Cao Bang, especially cakes here.

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