Discover Seo My Ty Lake, a must see place in Hoang Lien Son, Vietnam

Seo My Ty Lake

In addition to the famous scenic spots, Sapa also an interesting place is the artificial lake Seo My highest rate for Vietnam, Hoang Lien Son. Seo My Ty lies about 20 km Sapa town, on the territory Ta Van commune. The lake was formed by the construction of hydroelectric dams Seo My Ty. This is a must see place in Hoang Lien Son, Vietnam. Tours Indochina in Vietnam

Along the way, you will pass through the Muong Hoa valley with the famous terraced rice fields. From the center of Sapa town, the exit road leading down to resort Fansipan Ta Van – Lao Chai – Ancient Stone, want to be Seo My Rate you must first pass the 7 km run along the valley of Muong Hoa stream.

Seo My Ty Lake

Seo My Ty Lake – source:

The most difficult way is the 12 km journey to the slopes to the village center Seo My Rate. Indigenous peoples are difficult judgments as “up to heaven” with up to 20% slope, soil roadbed large boulders scattered, stone, this is a huge challenge for any real road handlebars nao.Con is a big challenge for the drivers, so steep and bad road surfaces. Local people often speak of “Potato” by the stone pavement is very similar to potatoes. You prepare a good car if you want to discover Seo My Rate.

Road to Seo My Ty

Road to Seo My Ty – source:

Subtle beauty of the lake Seo My Ty with rolling mountains around. Crystal-clear lake waters all year round, haze covered. You can rent a boat and lake views. Subtle beauty of mountains, lakes and the cool fresh air will do you remember the famous Alps in Europe. Located at an altitude of nearly 2,000 meters above sea level, Seo My Ty is very favorable land for wild flowers blooming all year round. Will luck to you if you go right at the time of purchase purple flowers growing wild in the pool closed entrance to the Northwest at the time of collection. Tours in Vietnam

Fishing place in Seo My Ty

Fishing place in Seo My Ty – source:

During the dry season, the river water to the lake just a small stream and turned into a large rock and original grandeur. Around the lake there are many villages of H’mong, with terraced fields of Sapa characteristics.

Right side of Seo My Ty

Right side of Seo My Ty – source:

The house with stone walls are beautiful and peaceful. About spring, cherry, plum blossom brilliant a corner lake. Because the climate is cool, fresh, lake were locals take advantage of salmon farming – fish species of the temperate zone.

As a thumbnail picture of tourism in Sa Pa, Seo My beauty ownership rate for poetic dream of a peaceful village in the sky scenery, majestic mountains. This adventure in Seo My Ty Lake will be incredible.

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