Discover Hon Khoi, a peaceful place in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Friendly people here will bring you a comfortable feeling

Hon Khoi way Ninh Hoa town (Khanh Hoa) about 10km northeast, including four coastal Ninh Diem Commune, Ninh Thuy, Ninh Hai and Ninh Phuoc. In addition to the famous salt products in the country, it also has the advantage of tourism (Doc Let) and seafood provide Ninh Hoa town. If Hon Khoi right to anchovies anchovy season, from October to February lunar calendar, should not be overlooked lua salad. Salad made from fish, while eating more soups chan should have a very special flavor. This summer, you should make a plan to discover Hon Khoi, a peaceful place in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam. Indochina travel Vietnam

Hon Khoi overview

Hon Khoi overview –

With 4 coastal commune, Hon Khoi offers year-round fresh seafood caught fresh green. In Hon Khoi cuisine menu with a particularly tasty dishes seasoned with fresh fish and leafy vegetables from home gardens are rustic salad called lua, made a separate culinary culture.

Lua salad made from small fish, no scales, meat, no blood (not fishy) as perch, fish tomorrow, but the most common and the most delicious anchovy anchovy. Travel to Vietnam

Lua salad, typical dishes in Hon Khoi

Lua salad, typical dishes in Hon Khoi – source:

Anchovies anchovy season from October to February lunar calendar. For tasty salad is a new type of fish, fresh green, and movement. Here, the family has large gardens lush fruit trees and especially meeting all the vegetables used as materials for “fillers” for salad, which is indispensable core banana trees. Must be a new inner core made of banana tree ethos for this dish. Banana trees cut down, people choose to make mincemeat of the core, ensuring crispness remains soft, fresh after boiling broth chan on (if using banana will be tough, unpalatable). Eating raw vegetables include lettuce, herbs, corn, perilla… Especially, do not eat with noodle salad lua eat baked roll with production in Ninh Hoa thick, salty, sweet.

Local people here

Local people here – source:

To make salad, choose fresh anchovies anchovy, without head, leaving the bone (just squeeze the fish is slightly protruding bone and boneless away), meat soaked in ice water to fish ripe lemon. Baby tiger shrimp chopped peeled fresh. Thin cell cores moderately banana soaked through diluted salt water to keep white. Onions thin cells. Pineapple, chopped tomato pieces. Salads, herbs, corn, chrysanthemum, shiso (vegetable odd). Non-gold thin shavings of dried onions, salted roasted peanuts retired stamp. Mix bananas have thin cell, onion, fish for them. Coming plate. Presentation on the herbs, onion, peanuts.

Most importantly broth processing, how to cook like hotpot (sour) with pineapple, tomatoes, tamarind juice, coconut water (also homemade) … Oil Shrimp me over for nine, to continue aromatic coffee stir fry cooked, pour coconut milk, tamarind juice, a little cold water to boil, season with salt, fish sauce, brown sugar, chili slices. Boil seasoning spice back into the pot boiling on the stove hold specialized hotpot. Note to the newly created wedge sweet sugar candy bars for pot soups.

Friendly people here will bring you a comfortable feeling

Friendly people here will bring you a comfortable feeling – source:

For salad in bowl, broth boiling chan (fish cooked purpose again by heat), for vegetables in bowl and add peanut. Add a little crumble baked roll. Lua appropriate salad cold season, a family gathering around the table. Enjoy salad lua, is enjoyed both in the sea and the smell of a vegetable garden. Anchovy taste sweet, fresh, soft and medium banana core retains crispness; without the pungent sweetness of onion mixed with sour, sweet soups bold but bar. Add the fat, the aroma of roasted peanuts. Unknown nostalgic Eating bored, do not see no.

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