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Located in Hoa Vang district, Danang city, Hoa Phu thanh skiing operators being more travelers are choosing and reach into the weekend with many exciting games. Not only for the adventurous young people, it is also for the family liked the weekend picnic. Indochina travel Vietnam

Hoa Phu thanh skiing operators

Hoa Phu thanh skiing operators – source:

Phu Thanh Hoa skiing operators in operation since February 2013 with a lot of new tourism products, strange and appealing. Bring in your own unique style, skiing and river waterfall stream flows through the length of 3km, crept around the top of the hill under green trees.

The next most attractive is the game Phu Thanh Hoa waterfall slide, each boat with 2 people. Time 1 day 2 shifts at 10am and 14:00 pm. You should be timed so that the logical move to be able to arrive on time for 1 day only 2 ca. Price 180,000 VND / pax, playtime about 30-45 minutes depending on large groups or small. Centre Vietnam travel packages

Enjoy skiing

Enjoy skiing – source:

Before the game you would rather swimwear, because this game is 100% wet so you both should not bring personal belongings, valuables such as phone, wallet… resort area so lockers you peace of mind when sending personal items here. After preparation is complete you outfit wearing life jackets, helmets, hearing him instructions on how to play (sitting on the boat was, how to move, dodge obstacles…). Then the car will take you to the watershed area, began the journey to conquer slip road 2.5 km long waterfall with many large and small rapids. Mining both long-range segment 3 km, long-term has a large lake for everyone “breaks between half” and recharge before continuing the journey. Towards the end of the cascade of water flowing quite smoothly, as a way of signaling that “we have arrived”, just surf boat glided between the lake and jumped into the shower.

Safe place to skii

Safe place to skii – source:

Water in the lake is quite shallow end, may spoiled delight struggled, with those who can not swim wearing a life jacket like that down, just be cool just to ensure safety. Here, you can also participate in the first Zipline cable chute in Danang, a total length of more than 300m (240m leg, second leg 80m). This new role skiing in January 7/2015 falls into this year, with 2 cable chute has high safety for tourists. Zipline here to play pretty fast due to the short chute and many feel has not, however, create a new feel for guests at this game first. This game is not difficult, you just need to wear full protective gear and check before sliding.

Suitable place to enjoy summer

Suitable place to enjoy summer – source:

With ideas contributed by many architects at home and abroad plus ingenious hands of craftsmen from all over the country have created a tourist area with various styles to meet the needs recreation, sightseeing, special relaxation and gives travelers a whole new experience.

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