Discover Cu Chi Tunnel by boat and bicycle

Discover Cu Chi Tunnel by bike

Located in the Củ Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Cu Chi Tunnel which is a giant network of linking underground tunnels and is part of a much larger network of tunnels underlying much of the country is one of the most interesting destinations in the South Vietnam. It will be much more incredible if you have a good chance to discover the famous site by boat and bicycle. Tours Indochina in Vietnam

Discover Cu Chi Tunnel by bike

Discover Cu Chi Tunnel by bike – source:

Joining in this amazing tour, travelers will take a trip on a luxury speedboat on the Saigon River as well as ride a bike through these peaceful traditional villages, estates, the huge evergreen rubber forest and explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, a small pattern of the extensive network of tunnels during the conflict between the United State and Vietnam.

Being on board of a luxurious speedboat heading to the Cu Chi area, travelers will certainly have a chance to see the interesting daily activities along the banks of Saigon River. As a perfect match, taking the cycling trip gives you an opportunity to see the countryside entirely covered by the rubber forest. Riding leisurely, perfectly maintained bikes with the help of a local English-speaking guide, this amazing trip will take you to these tranquil local villages, to admire these picturesque agricultural landscapes and the peaceful daily life of people in the Southern Vietnam. Travel to Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnel – source:

During your informative tour in Cu Chi Tunnels, your guide will help you know more about this fascinating region by giving you commentary on the historical context and significance of multiple attractions.

Riding a bike through the neighboring area of Cu Chi site, past memorable images of conical worn workers, seeing buffalo plowing on fields, and miles of evergreen rice paddy fields are many interesting activities you will experience. An outstanding window into authentic rural Vietnamese life that few visitors have ever witnessed is a visit to a traditional house where you can see handmade rice paper made.

Historic site

Historic site – source:

Travelers will take in a large number of delicate booby-traps and war-remains containing of a tank car and machine guns as well as see how the brave guerrillas framed traps from unexploded American bombs, how they hide tunnels entrances from troops and sniffer dogs, and how they cooked food without attracting attentions of American soldiers with the smoke.

Tourists can also see the workings inside of this multilevel 250km network of paths of tunnels as well as certainly get to experience what life was like down there for themselves! The wartime story has never been as real as in Cu Chi.

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