Dalat nightlife

Dalat – romantic land

Dalat is well known for not only its atmospheric colonial environment but also for having many stunning natural sites. However it might be lacking slightly in Dalat nightlife if travelers really want to enjoy themselves they can certainly find a large number of interesting establishments at the more up-market venues. Among them, situated in the Dalat Palace Hotel are Larry’s Bar and Le Rabelais Bar. Indochina tours Vietnam

Dalat – romantic land

Dalat – romantic land – source: wn.com.vn

Imported beers, whiskies, cocktails and wine are among a wide selection of drinks you can find here. Discovering locally produced wine give many new arrivals in Vietnam surprise. Thanks to the French introduction of this drink to the country, there is a brand new but developing wine industry in and around Dalat with the two main producers are Vang Dalat and Dalat Beco. On Dalat’s restaurant menus, customers can also find many special local-made drinks such as Bordeaux-style wines, twinkle white wines, wine coolers and peach coolers. Give them a try! Centre Vietnam travel packages

Larry’s Bar

Larry’s Bar

Larry’s Bar – source: hotelreservations.vn

Named after Larry Hillblom, the American billionaire businessman who was the pioneer in changing Dalat into the up-market resort as today, this legendary bar Larry’s Bar which opens from 16:00 to 24:00 is part of the vintage Hotel Dalat Palace Hotel on 12 Tran Phu Street. Hillblom is also famous for being a co-creator of DHL Worldwide Express. In the cozy bar, guests can find pool tables, games, large screen flat TVs and private space, with a menu covering western fast food containing of pizza, burgers and more.

V Café

V café

V café – source: culinaryvietnam.com

Situated about 200m from Xuan Huong Lake up Bui Thi Xuan Street, V Café is an ideal place where you can overcome the limit of live music in Dalat thanks for what it brings you just right for this small resort town. Owned by an American-Vietnamese couple, it is a popular all-day dining café. Their regular live music performances make them a famous hangout for many foreigners as well as a number of local visitors. Once coming to this café, you can choose between delicious homemade Vietnamese dishes and a wide selection of Western dishes including steaks, tacos, pizza, soups, burgers, roast pork and lemon meringue. Vegetarian can also be satisfied here. Complimentary wireless Internet access and a pool table are amenities you can find here.

Café de la Poste

Café de la Poste

Café de la Poste – source: golfersglobe.com

Across the street from the main post office, you can find Café de la Poste which is adjacent to the Sofitel Hotel and opens all year around. If you really want to have a chance to try out relatively expensive French cuisine without spending too much money, this is an ideal place to go. The structure and its setup are extremely rich in French style, meaning it is gorgeous and has a lovely atmosphere with a wide selection of French wine. Café de la Poste’s breakfast and lunch set menus make it a popular place. If you are in Dalat on a Sunday by chance, check out its stunning Sunday brunch.

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