Com, green sticky rice – a special gift of Hanoi’s autumn

Com can be eaten with banana

As autumn comes, Hanoi attracts travelers all over the world not only for its picturesque sceneries of falling yellow leaves but also for the awesome taste of “com” (green sticky rice) originating from Vong Village. Alova Gold cruise halong bay

Com-a special gift of Hanoi’s autumn

Com-a special gift of Hanoi’s autumn -source: internet

Being young sticky rice flakes, com, which is one of the culinary specialties of Hanoi, has long been close to all Hanoians’ hearts. Com is simple, fresh and elegant, like Hanoi capital city, the city where it was born. Not only being a sweet dish, com is also used as an ingredient added to other kinds of sweet dishes for their flavor. Among them, com cake, a sweet cake made of green beans and of course, young sticky rice flakes, is not only a special gift of Hanoi’s autumn but also a Vietnamese must-have for happy occasions, including Lunar New Year and wedding ceremonies.

When autumn approaches, the first com are made to indulge Hanoians, who are well known as food connoisseurs while full moon lanterns color the city, the fragrance of milkwood pine flowers wafts over old streets and gentle breezes replace the summer heat.

People pick a pinch of com directly from lotus leaf

People pick a pinch of com directly from lotus leaf- source: internet

Made by hard-working peasants, “com” is such a special gift from the soil holding a fresh yet simple fragrance. Often eating com by hand, Hanoians directly pick a pinch of com at a time from the lotus leaves to fully appreciate its stunning flavor. Not only be eaten with bananas or persimmons but com also is used as the ingredient for “cha com” (pie made of pork and com), “che com” (sugary soup with com) and “banh com” (com cake), among which, used at almost every engagement ceremony, “banh com” is the most well-known.

Green sticky rice

Green sticky rice- source: internet

Before being tied with a red string and stamped with a Chinese character meaning “double happiness” on the outside, the com cakes are wrapped with bananas leaves into squares. Com cake, with these characteristics, is thought to be a symbol of eternal and steadfast love. Enjoying “com” often reminds those who have ever been involved in farming of a fragrant and fresh paddy.

It is rice growing farmer, who truly knows the best time to gather young grains to make “com”. After rice plants developing their ears, the young grains are formed. To form the right shape, it takes from two to three weeks and the young rice grains are harvested, roasted and ground down to become “com” when the young rice grains reach the best time.

Com attracts travelers to visit Hanoi in autumn

Com attracts travelers to visit Hanoi in autumn -source: internet

Then, people will put the young rice grains into a large firing pan on such small flames and stir it slowly for a certain period of time. After that, they will pour them into a rice mortar and pound them slightly with a wooden pestle, at quick intervals and rhythmically until all the husk is removed. heritage line cruises

By this way, before being poured again into the mortar and the process repeated, the young rice is removed from the mortar and winnowed. To make sure all the husk is separated from the young sticky grains, this is then repeated exactly seven times. The green color of the grains will disappear and be replaced by an unexpected brown color if the pounding is done irregularly and in haste, or it is not repeated seven times. As customers will refuse to buy such produce, the whole process will have been to no avail. That is the reason why the whole process of “com” making is really difficult.

Com can be eaten with banana

Com can be eaten with banana -source: internet

During the “com” making season, travelers coming to Hanoi are invited to visit Vong Village where they will have an amazing opportunity to see women shifting and winnowing the pounded young rice while listening to the special rhythmic pounding of wooden pestles against mortars full of milky young rice.

Nowadays, many Hanoians present their relatives in other parts of the country or even abroad with Vong Village “com”, as a special gift thanks to convenient means of transport. By this way, wherever they live, Hanoians always keep in their hearts the delicious taste of “com” dishes.

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