Best places to visit in Vietnam in July

Bac Can

Always being beautiful during 4 seasons all year around, each of which has a special charm, Vietnam attracts tourists throughout the year for unique characteristics. However, if you want to have your own space to enjoy fun time with your friends and your family as well as the magnificent valleys, tropical forests, mountain ranges, turquoise beaches, and unharmed nature, July is the best time to visit Vietnam. Indochina tours Vietnam

Bac Can

Bac Can

Bac Can – source:

Really famous for its cultural unique charm and abundance in diverse natural resources in tourism potential, Bac Can features Ba Be National Park as well as Ba Be lake – the largest natural freshwater lake of Vietnam that tourists cannot skip. Visiting Ba Be which is composed of three large lakes (Pe Lam, Pe Lu, Pe Leng), one should not miss to be on board of a ship to travel on the lake’s surface, go swimming at Ba Goa Island (the island of widow), or fall in love with the karts featuring of Puong cavern. Chamois (Son Duong), Na Poong, Three Gates (Ba Cua) or Fairy (Nang Tien) are some caves and caverns you should visit. The crystal clear water of Ba Be Lake looks like worthless emerald. Besides the spectacular lake, mysterious caves and cravens, Bo Nam wines (a kind of sweet wine fermented from herbs and corn), Dong vermicelli (a type of arrowroot noodles) and bee sweet soup (made from sticky rice, sesame, molasses ginger root, and honey) are many specialties of Bac Can attracting tourists. Thanks to its own special features, Bac Can will be one of the most stunning destinations in Vietnam in July. North Vietnam travel packages

Da La

Da Lat

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Well known as “City of Thousands Pine trees”, “Foggy City”, or “City of love”, Da Lat which is the green carpet having four seasons of one year of Vietnam on one day is a desired destination because of its distinctive characteristics. This province has spring like weather in the morning with a little bit warm shrouded climate and freezing fog while it seems to change into the summer in the noon with a little bit hot temperature. It is like the autumn in the afternoon with the feeling of cool and romantic atmosphere while the night seems to have cold weather like winter. Most of the time, the climate of Da Lat is distinguished from Vietnam tropical provinces due to its misty and cool weather. The City of Eternal Spring with several awesome blossoming flower gardens and romantic scenery is what people think first about Da Lat. Da Lat brings you the feeling of the European style in the architecture. Pay a visit to Da Lat in July to profit the best mountain hiking and biking opportunities to admire the summer home of Bao Dai – the last King of Vietnam. For couples who wish for a romantic holiday or honeymoon, Love Valley and Ho Xuan Huong Lake are the most idea options.

Con Dao

Con Dao

Con Dao – source:

Con Dao which is a marine tourism paradise with tranquil scenes of sea, beautifully white sandy shore and mountain endorsed by the Nature together with the gentleness, friendliness of the locals is a destination one should not skip when traveling to the South of Vietnam. As one of many national travel parks in Vietnam, Con Dao that has many spectacular landscapes and beaches is an amazing paradise chosen by more tourists now. Coming here, travelers will have a chance to admire the clean scenic beauty and beautiful beaches as well as sample many fresh seafood after joining in many exploring activities such as deep ocean diving, coral viewing and fishing. The unspoiled landscape of natural beauty with glorious echo of tragic history is the reason why many tourists hope to come back Con Dao. Let enjoy your vacation in this paradise!

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