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Big C

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam, and has a wide range of groceries and supermarkets to match its size. In Saigon, there are so many large foreign hypermarkets, Vietnamese supermarkets and smaller specialist grocery shops catering towards both locals and foreigners. Visit Ho Chi Minh through Tours Indochina Vietnam

Big C

Big C-source: Internet

Big C is the only brand name of hypermarkets, a chain of enormous supermarkets, in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and in Vietnam in general. As amazing as its wide range of goods and the attached reasonable price, most Big C stores are often cramped so try to void evenings and weekends if you plan to shop there. Founded in Thailand with its headquarters in Bangkok, this chain of supermarkets now can be found in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. From fresh produce to seafood, toiletries, bakery, household items, dairy, poultry, canned/ frozen/ processed food and even toys, clothes and stationeries, Big C has all the supermarket essentials. As queues are usually long and time consuming, open more checkout counters during peak hours is the one thing they can improve on. Additionally, it is also a bit of a hassle to require customers to store their bags at the bag deposit counter next to the entrance. Travel to Vietnam

Starting out as a shop offering imported food for expats, Annam Gourmet Market, a small chain of international grocery stores in Ho Chi Minh City, has recently grown into two of the largest international grocery stores serving thousands of people with imported food from other countries all around the world.

Annam Gourmet Market

Annam Gourmet Market-source: Internet

A large supermarket chain in Ho Chi Minh City, Citimart is often found inside shopping malls or upscale apartment buildings. Despite a bit smaller than some of the megacenters in Vietnam, the shops have the more international selection of products.

Including a department store, a supermarket, a hypermarket, a cinema and special stores, shopping malls are relatively new concept in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City, Lotte Mart in District 7 can be qualified as a shopping mall. A Japanese-South Korean supermarket/hypermarket chain with a few branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Lotte Mart is very large with everything from fresh food to clothing for sale. Lotte – its mother company, is now one of the most Asia’s prominent shopping companies. Diamond Plaza and Parkson are two most popular department stores in Saigon selling luxurious items such as high class electronic devices, brand-name shoes and clothes.

Lotte Mart

Lotte Mart-source: Internet

Serving daily demand for sundry items, convenience stores can be found in all streets. You can easily get water bottle or other petty items such as toilet paper, shampoo, tissue and you-name-it. G7 Mart, Shop & Go and Co.opFood stores, under the Saigon Co.op store system, can be listed as convenience stores, which are competing with traditional markets and roadside stalls. However, what still make up the majority of the Vietnamese retail market are the no-name convenience stores.

Like traditional markets, convenient stores in Vietnam are popular places for locals to buy daily products. At these shops, you can purchase various kinds of convenient products from tooth paste to milk with standard quality at reasonable price. However, there are some tips to help you to best purchase items from these stores, as well as avoid risks of buying defective goods from these shops.

Coop Food stores

Coop Food stores-source: Internet

The first thing to note is that at these convenient stores, credit card is not useable and the only payment method accepted by most stores is cash. It is the fact that these shops are only small retailers of goods to consumers, and it seems to be costly and complicated to them to connect to banks for installing credit card payment system. Thus, these stores prefer making transaction by cash rather than credit card: you take the products, they take money. Simple and quickly! Consequently, it is required, not only suggested to bring cash to buy things at convenient shops. Moreover, at these places, VND is used wider than other foreign currencies. Additionally, in case you buy things there, you should try to learn some basic Vietnamese to use as English is not a preferred language using at these shops.

Grocery in Saigon

Grocery in Saigon-source: Internet

Also, it is not suggested to bargain at convenient shops. The price of products here are almost fixed and unless there is change in input price, hardly modified as these shops operate like a small version of supermarket, not like a street market. Therefore, when buying things there, you should not bargain or the shop owners will uncomfortably treated you.

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