Best cafes in Da Lat

Windmills Coffee- one of the most lovely cafes in Da Lat

Da Lat is one of the most famous destinations Vietnam. It contains many unique beauties which can attract many tourists. Anyone having chance to come here are very surprised at the special landscapes of Da Lat. The hills, the lakes, the streams, the rivers and so on in Da Lat look like the romantic pictures. Visiting here, you will have opportunity to experience the wonderful feelings. Indochina travel Cambodia

Besides natural places of interest, Da Lat is very well- known for cafes. Cafes in Da Lat is very different from other places. Moreover, they have many good views. Enjoying coffee and contemplating the beautiful sceneries will be an unforgettable experience for you in Da Lat. The followings are the best cafes in this city for you to choose:

Toi Den Coffee- a lovely destination in Da Lat

Beautiful view of Toi Den Coffee

Beautiful view of Toi Den Coffee -source: internet

Da Lat is the land of beautiful flowers. However, it is also very famous for unique cafes. One of those are Toi Den Coffee. This cafe can be known as The Seventeen Meters Coffee because its view is about 17 square meters. In Toi Den Coffee, there is a big wooden table which was made of natural pine. Coming here, you can enjoy not only some kinds of typical coffee but also other kinds of drink and food such as artichoke coffee, Toi Den ice- cream, Toi Den noodle and so on. May be you are wondering about the name “Toi Den”. It is the acronym of Toi Den Happy- an exclusive product of Toi Den Dang Gia. This kind of coffee is very special with unique smell.

The unique design of Toi Den Coffee

The unique design of Toi Den Coffee -source: internet

About 90 % of furniture of Toi Den Coffee are made of wood, which can make you feel comfortable and close to the nature. Moreover, from this cafe, you can see the airy and green space. Coming here, you will have interesting experience from the unique smell of coffee and beautiful view of Toi Den Coffee.

An Coffee- a wonderful cafe in Da Lat

The front of An Coffee- one of the best cafes in Da La

The front of An Coffee- one of the best cafes in Da La -source: internet

An Coffee is located near Ba Thang Hai slope and its area is about 200 square meters. This is one of the most ideal destinations for tourists who love nature and want to enjoy coffee in a cafe which has the plain style of Da Lat. Furniture of An Coffee is made of wood with nice design, which make the space become friendlier. In each of tables, there is a small and lovely vegetable pot. The most unique thing in this cafe is that you can see many kinds of vegetable in every corns such as in the near garden, on the table, on the path and so on. Besides, when coming to An Coffee, you will have chance to plant, take care of or learn about vegetation. If you plant the vegetable in the pot, you can write your name on a lovey tag and then stick it on this pot. south Vietnam travel packages

Windmills Coffee- the unique cafe in Da Lat

The fresh atmosphere in Windmills Coffee

The fresh atmosphere in Windmills Coffee -source: internet

Visiting Windmills Coffee, you can not only find your private space but also have opportunity to enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee which is chosen carefully in this beautiful land. This cafe is decorated uniquely with romantic design. Coffee and flowers are combined, which gives customers the feeling of peace and comfort.

Besides coffee, Windmills Coffee also serves many kinds drink such as cappuccino, blueberry smoothies, deepblue- Italia soda and so on. These are appreciated by a lot of customers. Moreover, you can enjoy the drink with some kinds of cake such as Opera, Chocolate Truffles, Passion Cake and so on.

Windmills Coffee- one of the most lovely cafes in Da Lat

Windmills Coffee- one of the most lovely cafes in Da Lat -source: internet

Cafes in Da Lat are very famous for their design, view and drink. Therefore, if you have chance to travel to Da Lat, you should miss these destinations. The space of cafes here will give you unforgettable experience.

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