Add Ba Be National Park to your trip itinerary – a legendary charm

Poetic beauty of water, mountains and forests

After hearing this title, may be you’re wondering what Ba Be National Park have in order to make me give it this beautiful name. We always have a reason for everything. Of course, so am I. A natural fresh water lake area in a minority cultural group of Vietnam, I felt in love immediately with landscape here. It looks like you’re in another world. Telling about my trip, with a vast variety of flora and fauna, as well as interesting geology and landscapes to discover, I’m sure you will don’t want to leave. So let’s go travel with: mango cruise mekong delta

My first stop was Pac Ngoi village, 5kms from Ba Be national park administrative center. Located on the side of Leng River, next to Ba Be Lake, Pac Ngoi is a quite beautiful village. It is home of over 80 households with nearly 400 residence where most of whom are from Tay ethnic group. Homestay become a popular accommodation option. You just need to make a booking in advance and you will receive warm welcome by locals. I chose a bicycle to begin my exploration. Biking around, stunning scenery and fresh atmosphere will make you pleasant. Not too far from Pac Ngoi village is Hua Mo cave. I didn’t know the story behind that name but literally it was translated to English is the head of horse. This cave is very big. You will feel like a small speck of duck in big universe. Cave selling in some places 40 to 50 meters high. The dim light in the caves made me feel like Peter Pan with an adventure in mythical world. Walking around, you can see many stalactites in different shapes. If you touch it, it’s nice, smooth and wet because obviously it forms from the sediment that comes in the water that drop drops into the stalagmites.  The dripping water creates a steady sound that will make you think about the persistent of time and make consider how long it takes for the nature to form caves such as. This cave is rarely visited so you can take time to admire the beautiful stalactites.

The magical charm of Hua Ma cave

The magical charm of Hua Ma cave- source: internet

Talking a slow trip with dugout canoe on Ba Be- the largest natural lake in Vietnam, let’s admire the beauty of immense lake, limitless forests and multi-shaped limestone mountains. As its name, the three lakes connected with one and another are good for boat trips, kayaking and some relax and easy times which has a total length of 8 km and a width of about 400m. The deepest point in the lake is 35m. There are nearly 50 kinds of freshwater fish. This place is a little heaven if you’re looking to get away from the noise and congestion. The attraction of Ba Be distinguishes from morning to afternoon in a day so you should visit in during day. In the morning, the lake is covered by dense mist, creating mysterious charm of an immense water area. When the sun comes out, the lake bring out its picturesque beauty under the sunlight, featured with pure water, blue sky and green mountains standing above the lake’s surface. Maybe the weather is getting hotter in the afternoon but don’t worry, cool foliage surround the lake can help you escape the sun.  I have been going to Ba Be Lake not less than 5 times and every time, I enjoy it. Notably, Ba Be Lake is always highlighted by dugouts rowing by pretty Tay’s girls in indigo.

Poetic beauty of water, mountains and forests

Poetic beauty of water, mountains and forests- source: internet

Not like any other spots in Vietnam, this place is not popular with the foreigners, and for those who are looking for a perfect destination to do all- trekking, kayaking, hiking, you should put this lake on your list. Kayaking is the best way to explore the breathtaking beauty of Ba Be Lake. Paddle through the islets; discover hidden caves; visit fishing villages. You can get closer to the limestone karsts, and find some really secret corners of Ba Be Lake and the Nang River. Kayaks can go where big boats can’t reach, and with their lack of engine noise are so much less intrusive, a real Eco way of travel. Take a boat tour and have a swim, it’s quite refreshing after travelling, especially since is some of the cleanest water in North Vietnam tours

Kayaking tour in Ba Be lake

Kayaking tour in Ba Be lake- source: internet

The Nang river is calm and quiet, with lots of mirror image of the hills that lined both sides of the river. There is a Puong cave that has Nang River running through it, and a small waterfall that you can walk to when the boat stop for a break. At the end of the boat ride, we stayed at a Ba Be village homestay that overlooks the rice paddies and Ba Be Lake
Visiting Ba Be Lake, you can easily see a special cake sold along this lake. In the past, the locals make wormwood sticky rice cake to welcome New Year but nowadays, there are more tourists coming here, so it is sold as a gift when they come back. With some natural ingredients such as wormwood leave, sticky rice, black sesame, this cake is a warm heart of locals to the tourists. If you’re lucky enough, you have an opportunity to visit Ba Be village fair. Market only takes place every 5 days in this area. It is very crowded and difficult to go through, but it is a place gathering the cultural characteristics. The noisy sound of the buyers and the sellers when try to bargain, the locals in traditional clothes, the foods that you’ve never seen before, all of them make the market more attractive and fascinating. You also have a chance to learn some simple sentence in Tay language from locals and learn how to choose fresh fish.

The wormwood sticky rice cake

The wormwood sticky rice cake- source: internet

Ba Be National Park is a picturesque landscape designed by Mother Nature in which the mountains, water and sky blend harmoniously, is your second home when you want to get away from the noise and congestion. We are Viet Media travel! We’re ready to welcome you to Ba Be National Park. Don’t hesitate anymore!

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