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Dalat is well-known for its colorful flowers, cool climate and breathtaking views. When you visit this city, the first thing you need to do is finding a place to stay. Dalat offers you a wide range of accommodation, from comfortable hostels to four-star hotels. You can visit Travel Indochina Vietnam to get more information

  1. Lam Vien Homestay

In Dalat, the word “homestay” is a buzzword that is used liberally. However, Lam Vien Homestay will give you the true stay-at-home experience with the most adorable couple as the host. If you have chance to stay here, you will get clean and comfortable rooms with a soft bed, flatscreen TV, wifi, modern looking bathroom. Talking with the friendly hosts will give you the chance to know more about the most beautiful places in Dalat. It’s quite easy to find the homestay, just a half kilometer from the lake.

Lam Vien Homestay

Lam Vien Homestay- source: internet

  1. Villa Pink House

This is a solid option if you need a comfortable private room. The guesthouse is run by a cheerful family. The towering house has high ceilings and a big lobby. The white rooms come with modern TV, bedside table, balcony, wifi, laminate flooring and a mini-fridge, a hot water bathroom. In the quaint front courtyard, there are benches to hang out on. The best part is that you can book Mr Rot’s Secret Tour which you won’t regret to do it. Vietnam travel tours

Villa Pink House in Dalat

Villa Pink House in Dalat- source: internet

  1. Villa Vista Highlands Home

If you expect a royal experience, Villa Vista Highlands Home is a good choice. Two kilometers from town and perched in the highlands, it has indulgent décor of lavish Louis XVI style which is well matched with the dramatic scenery. You can look forward to see ornate wallpaper, sumptuous furnishings and marble bathrooms. It’s just two kilometres southwest of the lake and you have to pay only 30,000 VND for a taxi ride.

A room in Villa Vista Highlands Home

A room in Villa Vista Highlands Home- source: internet

  1. Dreams Hotel

The Dreams Hotel is more like a guesthouse than a hotel. The rooms are modest but you will be treated like royalty with a well-prepared breakfast and daily housekeeping. In this hotel, you get the chance to enjoy backpacker atmosphere with midrange service. Rooms are comfortable with clean linens, flatscreen TV, safety box, wifi, desk and a mini-fridge. Bathrooms are quite functional with hot water in both the shower and sink. The owner is helpful with your bookings and tickets, he can speak English and French.

Dreams Hotel

Dreams Hotel- source: internet

  1. iDorm

If you are looking for a cheap place with clean, modern and comfortable rooms, this is a place to go. Located just a couple of shops from The Sinh Tourist bus office, it is worth walking. The dorm rooms have white metal cots, very firm mattresses, big fluffy white duvets. The beds are put side by side with an inch in between. The private bathrooms also the same clean and bring about uncontroversial feeling. The dorm is only 200 metres to the lake. For a breakfast at the restaurant, you pay extra US$1.

Inside iDorm

Inside iDorm- source: internet

Above is the list of 5 hotels and guesthouses of different quality. Have you found a suitable one for your visit in Dalat? Wish you a nice trip in this beautiful city.

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